Custom Party Recovery Kits

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We absolutely love creating custom kits for parties!  There’s just something about all of the details coming together cohesively that makes us so excited!

From the charming vineyards of Canada to the picturesque deserts of Scottsdale, our hangover recovery kits have played a starring role in so many wedding festivities this year. Here's a glimpse into some of our favorite custom projects!

  1. Gossip Girls Hangover Kits in Miami

    We partnered with Taylor Rousseau to create her dream Gossip Girl bachelorette party. Capturing the essence of this glamorous celebration, we designed sleek black stand-up bags and filled them with all the best goodies - including the in-demand under eye patches, sunscreen, and aloe! With our kits in hand, the bride and her crew were ready to party in style!

  2. Destination Wedding Travel Survival Kits

    Claire and Austin reached out to us with a unique idea we loved: they wanted to send a gift to their destination wedding party guests before the events even begun! Our airport-ready travel kits were the perfect answer…  We included ear plugs, Purell wipes, Emergen-C and more to make sure that no one got the airport sniffles and that everyone was ready to celebrate when they arrived on location.

    Custom Destination Wedding Travel Kits

  3. Desert Dreams in Scottsdale

    Scottsdale's desert landscapes provided the backdrop for an exciting collaboration with Nikki Dunlap. For this desert-themed bachelorette party, we crafted custom hangover recovery kits inspired by Nikki’s party color palette. Cactus-themed packaging, electrolyte-rich hydration solutions, and soothing remedies got the bride and her girls well-prepared for sun-soaked adventures under the desert sky.

    Custom Bachelorette Hangover Kits

We are so inspired by each of our clients and the thoughtful ways they incorporate Recovery Kits into their celebrations! For weddings, bachelorette parties, and any other occasion - we’ve got you covered! If you’re interested in working with us to design a custom creation for your event, let us know!

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