Wedding Bathroom Amenity Baskets

Posted by Danielle K on

Our Wedding Bathroom Amenity Baskets have become one of our bestsellers - and for good reason!  They’re a huge time saver and guests always love them, which is why we were so excited to add our Wood style to one of our most beloved products!

The Wood Bathroom Amenity Kit includes:

  • Essential items like mints, pain relievers, and band-aids so your guests stay comfortable as they dance the night away
  • For the ladies: Feminine hygiene products, deodorant wipes and bobby pins to keep the ladies lookin’ fabulous
  • For the gents: Dude wipes, combs and shoe wipes and all they need to stay fresh all night long
  • More thoughtful extras like toothpaste and brushes, stain removers, sewing kits, and other items to spare the “OH NO!” moments!

Here’s what people are saying about them:

“Our guests said that this was a lifesaver!  We are so glad we purchased these!” -Lisa

“These were perfect for our wedding - they had everything we needed!” - Alyssa
“I will say that 3 wedding guests specifically said it was a "lifesaver"... and most of the items were used!!” - Stephanie

Head on over to the shop to check out both our wood and classic style. You’ll have one less thing to worry about - and one more thing your guests will thank you for!

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