Planning Your NYE Party With Recovery Kits

Posted by Danielle K on

With New Years Eve coming up, now is the perfect time to start planning your NYE party! Grab our NYE hangover recovery kits, some disco balls, and your favorite drinks and let’s get planning!

Make sure you have a designated area by the drinks for a few hangover recovery kits to share with your friends!  These are a great way to make sure everyone avoids the dreaded new year’s hangover.  If you haven’t already, subscribe to our email list to get a discount code on your first order of kits.

New Years Eve Party Favor

Disco balls are the perfect addition to any New Years Eve party.  Our favorite place to get larger disco balls is, or you can get mirror tiles from Amazon and make anything a disco ball ;) One of our favorite disco trends is making a disco champagne bottle.  Head over to our Instagram for a tutorial on how to DIY your own!

New Years Disco

Lastly, grab your favorite drinks and get ready to party!!  We love celebrating with a bottle of locally-made sparkling wine.  You can even add tinsel drink mixers from etsy to make them even more festive!

Tag us in your NYE party photos!  We love being a part of your celebrations!

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