Holiday Travel Survival Guide

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Thanks to everyone making their way home to their families on Thanksgiving, November is the biggest travel month of the year! Holiday travels bring their own challenges -- from crowded airports to unpredictable weather. That's where our travel survival kits come in!  We've got you covered to make your holiday journey smooth and stress-free.

Our travel survival kits come in three sizes to make sure you’re prepared from the minute you leave your home to the minute you get to your destination. All kits are TSA friendly and can fit into your personal items or carry-on bags!

Coach Travel Kit:

  • Gender-neutral option perfect for quick trips to visit family or friends
  • Compact - you won’t even feel it in your personal bag
  • Includes essentials like Purell Wipe, Advil, Gum, and a Band-Aid
Frequent Flyer Travel Kit:
  • Comes with more items, perfect for freshening up in an instant
  • Women’s bags come with under-eye patches, make up wipes and more - while the men’s bags include shoe wipes, dude wipes and more
  • Fits comfortably in your personal item or carry-on
Jet Setter Travel Kit:
  • Best option for long-haul holiday road trips or family vacations
  • Equipped with 18 items, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash
  • For those who want to be fully prepared for every travel situation

Holiday travel is all about making cherished memories with loved ones. Don't let unexpected challenges dampen your spirit!

Safe travels, friends!

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