Bride's Wedding Day Must Have's

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Listen up, brides - you can plan for it all, but we can guarantee it: something will always go wrong on your wedding day!

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit, with all the essentials you need when you’re in a pinch on your special day. From feminine products and safety pins to all you need to keep your breath minty fresh, we asked five brides to tell us what they just couldn’t live without.

“Within minutes of getting dressed - before my husband even saw me! - my mom kissed me, and within minutes, there was red lipstick all over my dress. A shout wipe and panic attack later, and nobody could tell.” - Brandi, Massachusetts

“The tissues were necessary! I took them right out of my pouch and gave them to my great aunt. She was crying more than me, and we needed her make-up to hold up!” - Genevieve, New York

Safety Pins & Sewing Kit
“I had straps added into my wedding dress, but one of them broke off seconds before our first dance. My husband pinned it together, and then later my mom was actually able to sew it using the sewing kit and it held up all night.” - Ashley, North Carolina

“The band-aids for blister prevention - came through early on so I could keep dancing!” - Ava, California

Make Up Remover
“I did not think about how exhausted I would be after the wedding - and I had no energy to wash my face clean before crashing. I don’t use makeup wipes, so I was happy I had one ready to go.” - Destinee, New York

The bag!
“It was so useful to have a pouch to bring some necessities to the venue. My maid-of-honor kept it, and I added some other items like my phone so I had everything in one place throughout the night. I would recommend having an emergency kit with you throughout the day.” - Jenna, Michigan



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