Bachelorette Party Must-Have's

Posted by Erika Senneff on

Every bachelorette party is bound to be a blast, but an unforgettable celebration is hard to pull off! Check out these special touches to make your planning easier!

Gorgeous decorations that screaaaaam, “party!!"
Our all-in-one Bachelorette Party Kit comes with 28 pieces – all the essentials you need for a great time with the girls. Go all out with our set, which includes decorations like BRIDE TO BE balloons, confetti, and a decorative garland, as well as a veil and sash for the special lady. It ships flat, and requires no confetti, making it perfect for your bachelorette party getaways and travels!

A thoughtful favor for the girls to keep!
What better way to make sure you have a memorable party than a gift for each guest? With so many fun options to choose, we love the idea of matching favors to your bachelorette theme. Having a spa day? Give the girls some bath bombs. Traveling somewhere? Try a luggage tag. If you don’t have a theme, there’s the always-timeless “I cannot tie the knot without you” bracelets or some cute “We’ve Been Knotty” hair ties, something every girl needs.

Hangover Recovery Kits... cuz you know you need them...
Those college days are over - the gang just can’t recover like we used to. Don’t give your hangover a second thought! Our recovery kits include everything you need to stay healthy and rested up after the celebrations. From Advil and Vitamin C to chapstick and make up remover wipes, trust us - you need this kit.

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