DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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“Pack wedding emergency kit” is on almost every single bride’s to-do list, so we compiled our favorite must-have items to pack in yours!

So many things can go wrong on a wedding day and it’s tricky to narrow down which items are most important so that you aren’t hauling a wedding emergency suitcase around on your wedding day.

Recovery Kits has three emergency kits already packed and prepared for your big day - so if you’re looking to save yourself the time and energy of hunting all of these items down, head over to our pre-made kits!  If you’re a DIY girlie, stick around and keep reading!

  1. Take care of that morning breath! Make sure you’ve got mouthwash, a tooth brush and toothpaste, and mints right at your finger tips.

  2. The bride will be kissing her way through the evening with guests and her new partner. We don’t like chapped lips around here! Get yourself a lip balm, whether it’s good ol’ Aquaphor or the fancier Bitchstix (which helps provide support for abuse survivors).

  3. A quick-fix to freshen up and avoid sweat stains? Deodorant wipes are so compact and easy to carry. And, we can’t be the only ones who broke a sweat anticipating the big day -- brides, don’t make the same mistake!

  4. A sewing kit, of course. Those removable sleeves and bustle dresses are drop-dead gorgeous, but they can sometimes rip in a snap.

  5. Those baby hairs just won’t quit! With all the schmoozing and dancing, the bride and all her girls are bound to need bobby pins to keep those up-do's in check.

Are you DIYing your own kit? You can buy our empty Wedding Day Emergency Bags to keep everything looking extra cute!

PSSST… if you used a Recovery Kit on your big day, DM us a pic on Instagram to get featured on our stories!

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