Wedding Bathroom Basket Ideas

Posted by Danielle K on

Not sure what you need to include for your wedding bathroom baskets?  We’ve got you covered!  

Your guests have spent hours getting ready, help them stay gorgeous - and comfortable - all night long! Our wedding amenity baskets let your guests know you’ve thought about literally everything! Whether it’s a a wine stain, a headache, or just a hair out of place, these wedding toiletry baskets are the perfect addition to any venue - stock up your luxury hotel bathrooms or elevate your outdoor weddings.

Here’s some of what you can find in our kits - you can buy them on or use these as inspirations to DIY!

Help your ladies keep their looks fresh, with plenty of stain remover wipes (we love Shout), ail files, and a sewing kit for that quick stitch your bestie will inevitably need after she breaks a seam busting a move on the dance floor! We’ve also got your headaches, boo-boos, or feminine hygiene needs covered. Need a deodorant refresh? There’s a wipe for that. Got a stain? There’s a wipe for that one, too. ;) 


As for the gents, we haven’t forgotten! Shoe wipes, combs, and Dude wipes are our must-have’s for the men’s bathrooms. And, you’ve gotta keep the essentials - things like mints, flossers, and advil for when he inevitably pulls a limb on the dancefloor.

Save yourself the time and energy that it takes to gather all these brand name essentials and grab one pre-made and ready to use!

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